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Serendipity Sams 2011

It was half-term mayhem at Serendipity Sam's in Christchurch but that didn't stop some of our younger members having a great time! Luckily we had our own party room to escape to for a bit of peace and quiet. Twenty five children and eighteen parents came along and enjoyed the fun in the massive soft play area.

We were a bit worried about losing hearing aids or implants in the ball pool, but everything went well and everyone had a fun-filled time.  It was great to see the kids playing together and the parents having a chat while browsing the literature and information on display.  A particular favourite was a lovely new "deaf awareness" book for young children by Julia Donalson (The Gruffalo) called "Freddie and the Fairy".  It's all about a fairy who can't hear very well and mixes up Freddie's wishes...  but in the end it is Freddie's fault for mumbling and covering his mouth! 

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