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On Monday 25th September 42 DDCS members went along to the Barrington Theatre in Ferndown to see Circus Starr! Circus Starr travel all over the country bringing the fun of the circus to disabled children. Their tickets are free as they are funded by sponsors and DDCS went along with two groups, one for the 4.45pm performance and one for the 7pm performance. 

It was a lot of fun and we even had our own stars on the stage! Two or our dads were selected to go on stage and join in. See below the video of Andrew during the 7pm show and pictures of Alan during the 4.45pm show in the picture gallery. Much to the delight of their daughters!  

Circ 1
Circ 3
Circ 2
Circ 5
Circ 4
Circ 7
Circ 21
Circ 16
Circ 9
Circ 18
Circ 6
Circ 15
Circ 14
Circ 12a
Circ 13
Circ 12
Circ 11
Circ 17
Circ 10
Circ 20
Circ 8
Circ 19
Circ 22
Circ 23
Circ 24
Circ 25
Circ 26
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