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The 2017 Jenny Barrett Deaf Child Achievement Awards took place at Bournemouth Deaf Centre on Sunday 14th October.

The Jenny Barrett Deaf Child Achievement Award is split into two categories, Junior and Senior. Junior is for any child up to the age of 11 years old and Senior is for 12 to 18 year olds. The awards set out to reward the achievements of deaf and hard of hearing children and young people from Dorset up to the age of 18 and can be for anything from an act of courage or helping others, overcoming a difficulty, or reading a piece of work in assembly at school. Just so long as it is a real achievement for that individual child.

In addition, an award from The Bournemouth Deaf Club is also made to the child or young person judged to have made a special endeavour. 

Many thanks to Robin Barrett and Keith Simmons MBE who along with our chairperson Kevin Forbes had the difficult job of choosing the winners.

Please note that the written nominations below are only a summary or part of the nomination as they can include confidential and personal information which is not suitable for publication.


The Winner of the 2017 Senior Jenny Barrett Deaf Child Achievement Award is:

Chelsea Tuck

Chelsea has received two nominations. She has been nominated by Sally Robinson, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, and Pat Saunders, Teaching Assistant Hearing Support Service for how she has exceeded all expectations due to her own determination and belief in herself to achieve despite difficult home circumstances, coping with regular chronic infections resulting in her not being able to wear her hearing aids and school issues.  Chelsea is a carer for her mother and with family circumstances she was finding home and school challenging. During year 11 she did work experience at a Nursery and proved an excellent worker. This experience gave her confidence to consider a career in child care. Her hearing loss was proving to be a barrier to full access to her learning so the school increased her support and Chelsea could see she had this support. This was a turning point for her as she could see she could do well. She achieved really good GCSE’s and is now studying at Weymouth College and has got herself a part time job.  Her future had looked bleak due to circumstances beyond her control but she turned it all around in her last year of school. She got a special mention in her school as her results were truly outstanding.

Our congratulations along with the senior winners shield, a personal trophy, a signed Bournemouth AFC photo and a cheque for £100 go to Chelsea - Well Done !

The Winner of the 2017 Junior Jenny Barrett Deaf Child Achievement Award is:

Owen Bray


Owen has two nominations. He has been nominated by Sue Gillson, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Services, and his mother, Katie Bray, for his amazing achievement in taking part in his local theatre school performance. He joined his theatre group at Easter and because of joining late he was not expected to be able to take part in their annual showcase performance. He joined in the class and learnt lyrics to songs which included unfamiliar words but he was so determined to learn them he practiced at home and did so well he was given a speaking part. He overcame the difficulties of singing in a group and dancing whilst wearing cochlear implants and performed in the showcase as the Mad Hatter in front of a large audience and even coped with a loss of transmission during a costume change. He performed as well as his hearing peers, keeping up with the words and movements of the fast paced routine.

Congratulations to Owen from all of us. Owen was presented with the Junior Winners shield, a personal shield, a signed Bournemouth AFC photo and a cheque for £100.


The winner of the 2017 award was Chloe Legg. This award is given by Keith Simmons MBE on behalf of Bournemouth Deaf  Centre. Chloe was nominated by Melissa May, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for overcoming her shyness and for her courage hard work and determination. Due to Chloe’s shyness she would not speak out during school lessons as she was not confident to express her views and even told her Advisory Teacher on visits you will do most of the talking. Chloe is very passionate about sport and last year became a sports leader at school. Even though this role would mean talking in front of other children she forced herself to overcome her anxieties and successfully represented her school and herself. She also wanted to join her local athletics club and again she quashed down her nervousness and overcame her anxieties to join the club. Chloe received a cash prize from Bournemouth Deaf Club.

In addition to our Senior winner Chelsea and the Endeavour Award winner Chloe, also nominated in the Senior category were:

Callum Birkett has been nominated by his mother, Helen Carmichael, for how he has coped with medical and social difficulties at school and for doing his best. He has had three operations in the last two years. He has lost a lot of attendance at school and had a reduced timetable to cope. Nonetheless he has achieved some really good marks. He has pushed himself and has put a brave face on and made an effort even when tired, discouraged or in pain.

Ben Bryson has been nominated by Michele Touye, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for the courageous way he has coped with a very serious illness which has left him with a hearing loss, vision problems and memory problems. He never complains and he is always smiling and positive. You would never know when meeting him that he has gone through so much.

Angel Curtis has been nominated by Michele Touye, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for her determination and giving everything her best shot. Her cerebral palsy makes it difficult to get around school and because of frequent ear infections she cannot wear her hearing aids resulting in her access to speech and lessons being restricted.  She remains cheerful and tries her best to keep up with the work and lessons. She has a positive and strong attitude and is a joy to work with.

Holly Farrar has been nominated by her father, Geoff Farrar, for her hard work and determination in gaining her UCAS points to secure a place at Bournemouth University. It was not easy for Holly at college to hear everything in class and keep up with her hearing peers. Her parents are extremely proud of what she has achieved and never giving up as she was not expected to go to university. She has also been nominated for an exceptional student award from Poole College.

Luke Hamill-Smith has been nominated by Elisabeth Gower, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for how well he has done at school achieving excellent GCSE grades despite being involved in many activities including Gold Duke of Edinburgh, Lifeguard training, football, musical instrument exams and working in a shop. He is very determined has a great sense of humor and encourages others. He is now studying A levels and attends the Oxbridge study group. He is determined to do his best and never ceases to impress with his positive attitude and hard work.

Edward O’Grady has been nominated by Elisabeth Gower, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for his excellent GCSE grades especially in Spanish and his determination and dedicated hard work. From the start of Year 10 he had a very serious and determined attitude. He researched study techniques and worked out his plan to work to get the best results. When asked by his Advisory Teacher he supported a pupil who was anxious about the move to secondary school and in his own time showed the pupil around the school which led to the pupil being excited about the move to the school.  Ed is now studying A levels he plays rugby and takes part in competitive swimming. He also has as weekend job in a garden centre where he is already impressing staff and customers with his polite manners and hard work. He is a great role model.

Saul Pearce has been nominated by his mother, Sandra Mackrow, for the support he has given his mum during a very difficult year dealing with family issues. .He has understood what is happening and has been very supportive and helping with his nephew who has come to live them. He is a great role model for his nephew and is very kind and considerate.

Freya Pretty has been nominated by Michele Touye, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for speaking to a group of TA’s and teachers on the HSS Induction Day explaining some of the difficulties a secondary aged pupil with a hearing loss faces in school. She did the presentation and answered questions with enthusiasm and passion receiving complimentary feedback. She also runs a signing club in school.

Molly Stagg has been nominated by her mother, Gemma Stagg, for helping her mother and brothers and sisters. She is very kind and gentle. She has had to cope with difficulties with her hearing aids and struggling to hear, but she continues to be happy and has managed well at school trying her hardest.

Joshua Whittick has been nominated by Elisabeth Gower, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for his grades in his AS levels. During the school holidays he arranged to take part in a research project at Bournemouth University and UCL Summer School whilst also working on his EPQ project and accompanied the Sherborne Town Twinning trip to Poland. He plays hockey for Yeovil and Sherborne and fences for the Dorset league and also has a part time job on a pizza stall.  He has completed the Ten Tors Challenge and also Gold award of Duke of Edinburgh. At half term he will be part of the British delegation attending the Erasmus + conference in Cyprus where he will be speaking on the theme ‘Peace and Dialogue’.

In addition to our Junior winner Owen, also nominated in the Junior category were:

Olivia Calverley has been nominated by her Grandfather, Martin Calverley, for how she has settled into school and excelled at lessons particularly English and Maths. She is reading above her age expectations and passed her Year 1 reading test with ease, reading with natural expression. She shows commitment and enthusiasm and also received a very good school report. Olivia also helps her younger brother, who also has cochlear implants, and is very patient with him and carefully explains things to help him understand.

Grace Harwood has two nominations. She has been nominated by Sally Robinson, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service and her mother, Lisa Harwood, for how she has overcome so many things in her life and always has a smile on her face. Grace has a rare genetic disorder and has undergone a series of surgeries but remains very happy and positive. In year 2 she stood in front of her class and explained her life story and how many operations she has had. Despite all of this she is not afraid to give anything a go from a Climbing Wall to a White Water Raft, she has tried it all. At school she is a PAL and has Bronze certificate leader award. She is about to become a sixer at Brownies.

Harry Lake has been nominated by his mother, Judith Morris, for helping his mother at home when she was unwell and was in hospital. He found this time difficult but was brave and helpful and he has also done really well at school. His reading is outstanding and he has been more able to control his emotions and behavior. He loves his football and goes to his football club at Littledown every week.

Ben Stagg has two nominations. He has been nominated by Michelle Christopher, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service and his mother, Gemma Stagg, for the progress he has made with his listening, language and communication. He is now wonderfully vocal and knows hundreds of words and uses them appropriately in many different situations. He has become a confident expressive boy who enjoys language and singing. He attends a drama group and is popular with his peers. His mum says when he started school last year he could barely speak sentences but is now speaking more and more every day and also looks after his hearing aids

Tilly Stagg has been nominated by her mother, Gemma Stagg for her confidence and how she loves school. She also helps her mum at home and loves gymnastics.

Well done to all everyone who was nominated! All nominees received a certificate, a £20 voucher and also a signed Bournemouth AFC photo.

2017 Senior and Junior nominees and winners

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