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Wearing my hearing aids changed my life
by Sia Douglas

Hi my name is Sia. For most of my life I haven’t worn hearing aids and even though I struggled at times, I managed without them. It did mean I was extremely tired at times and often misheard things in school. But when I was 13 I was told about DDCS and the events and trips that they hold for other young deaf people like me. So I went on my first PGL trip, which was amazing!

This was really the turning point for me and how I looked at my hearing disability.  With so many fun activities, like zip wires, quad-biking and abseiling. I may have been a little nervous at first but everyone was so welcoming and I really enjoyed myself. I made so many memories with new friends who were all deaf like me, and it was so inspiring to hear their stories and get to know how having hearing aids would help me so after three very memorable days I decided to go back to the Audiology Department.

I started Year 9 at school with brand new hearing aids and a brand new insight into the world of hearing that I had been missing.  Having the ability to hear without struggling has done so much for me, it has boosted my confidence, meant I am less tired and more able to concentrate in my lessons. I feel more able to speak to people without worrying that they won’t face me when they speak, or talk to me like I am stupid – not deaf!  I am so glad I went to PGL because I gained so much from it.

This year going back to PGL and seeing everyone again and meeting new people was such a nice experience!! I had a brilliant time, getting to know people and I really enjoyed the teamwork involved in the games and how it was a really great weekend. We had such good laughs and so many ‘interesting’ lunchtimes!! It was incredible to see how much we all achieved throughout the stay. One person managed to conquer their fear of heights and I was so impressed to see them go as far as they did – I think everyone can take at least one fear or challenge conquered away – I know I did.

I feel like I learnt a lot about myself and I really admired how well everyone got on and found new ways to work together. I had a superb time again this year and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, I very much look forward to seeing you all again at other DDCS events! I also want to take the opportunity to thank all of the staff and everyone who was there; it wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without you!!

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