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Ferndown Carnival Queen
by Laura Bolter

In May 2008 one of our members, Laura Bolter entered the Ferndown Carnival Queen competition. Laura did not tell anybody on the panel of judges that she was deaf and her cochlear implant was well hidden in her long blonde hair.

There were 11 entrants ranging from 15 to 23years old. They all had to stand up in front of a busy, noisy room full of people and answer a series of questions.

Laura was asked why she wanted to win, who she would want to take on a desert island with her and if she had any siblings. She joked that “unfortunately I have a younger brother, who is a teenager…and we all know how they can be a pain!” She wanted to take her best friend Emma with her to a desert island, because they “never run out of things to talk about.”

Laura’s name was announced as the winner! Laura was totally shocked… “But those other girls are so pretty.” Laura will now represent her town at a multitude of carnivals for a year and also has the chance of competing in the Miss UK Carnival Queen in Disney Land Paris. She won £75 and had a dress specially made for her to her liking! 

In the words of her family...So Laura….Carnival Queen!!! So positive for any parent with a special needs child. So positive for other children. So positive for the implant team and such a reward for all those countless people who have loved and helped her get to where she is today….. a totally independent, bright, loving and lovable young lady! Well done Laura, we are all so very proud of you!! 

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