Have you ever heard of CHSWG (pronounced chizzywig)? - You haven't? The initial's stand for:

Childrens Hearing Services Working Group

Our local group is called Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole Children's Hearing Services Working Group.

It is a working group made up of people representing all the services involved supporting hearing impaired children, including Audiologists, Hearing Support Service, Teachers of the Deaf, Speech and Language Therapists, Community Paediatricians, ENT, School Nurse, Health Visitors, NDCS, Social Services and parents. It meets twice a year and is an opportunity for all the services to highlight any problems and to keep up to date with each other. 

CHSWG is a forum for YOU - the parents of hearing impaired children to be able to voice any issues you have and this is done through your parent representative.

Your DDCS representative is:

Shirley Sorbie - 01202 571089

and your parent representative is:

Nicola Foley - 07980 980019

If you have anything you would like to bring to the attention of CHSWG please contact them.

CHSWG needs more parent representatives. If you think you could spare the time and you are interested in joining CHSWG please contact Sue MacDermott on 07980 913267 or Shirley on 01202 571089.


Forthcoming meetings: 

  • Tuesday November 12th 2019 - Dorset Healthcare, Boscombe

  • Tuesday May 12th 2020 - County Hall, Dorchester

The minutes of the CHSWG meetings are available by clicking the links below:

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Contact Shirley Sorbie on 01202 571089