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Dorset Deaf Children's Society relies on donations and fundraising for funds.  It has no paid officers and the Trustees work on a voluntary basis from their own homes. With very small overheads this means that every penny raised and donated is used directly for the benefit of deaf children in Dorset. 

We could not provide the support for the deaf children and their families without these generous donations and fundraising. 

If you make a donation or you have sponsors who are tax payers we can also Gift Aid your donation or sponsorships which means more funds for DDCS! 

Please contact Shirley on 01202 571089 for a Gift Aid Donation or Gift Aid Sponsorship form.

Treasurer contact details:

Shirley Sorbie

Treasurer and 
Membership Secretary

 01202 571089
 07765 304968



9 Oakland Walk,

West Parley, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8PF

Do you feel lucky?

Support DDCS by buying a lottery ticket from BH Coastal Lottery.

If you buy a £1 ticket 50p goes directly to DDCS!


There is a one in fifty chance of winning each week

(that's better odds than the National Lottery and People's Lottery)

and the top prise is £25,000!

If you would like to support us just log on to their website and select buy tickets and select Dorset Deaf Children's Society

we-have-launched-on-bh-coastal-lottery -


If you would like to fund raise for us with a sponsored event this is the best way to organise donations.

All you need to do is go to select 'Individual Fundraising' and you can set up your own fundraising page and the sponsorship comes direct to us

and they will also claim gift aid for us.

Single donations to the charity can be made on the link below.



Donations 2024
  • Richard George

  • Caroline Watton

  • Tesco (Grant)

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services

  • Thomas Ralling Lodge 2508

  • Activate Performing Arts

  • Mrs M.A.Thompson

  • In memory of Prudence Morgan

Fundraising 2024
  • BH Coastal Lottery

  • Emilia Gray - Car washing

  • Nicki Paul - London Landmarks Half Marathon

Donations 2023
  • Richard George

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services

  • ASMPT Sports & Social Club

  • Mrs Di Phillips - 80th Birthday Gifts

  • Durnovarian Ladies Group

  • In memory of June Earles

  • Kelly Sherman

  • Charles & Susie Andrews

  • Axis Foundation

  • Darren Slade

  • Anna Reidy

  • Blue Pebble Finance Ltd

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services - Grant for PGL Osmington Bay Acitivity Weekend

  • Catherine Enright

  • 4com 

  • Entertainer Bournemouth - Jack Gives back

Fundraising 2023
  • BH Coastal Lottery

  • LFB Meats - Collection Box

  • Jocelyn Tritton - Milton Keynes Marathon 

  • Holly Bryant - 100k March for Deafness

  • Dalkeith Dentist - Collection Box

  • Amazon Smile

  • Patrick Blackmore - London Marathon

  • Broadwindsor Primary School - Petra's class non uniform day

  • Nicki Paul - London Landmarks Half Marathon

  • Christmas Party Raffle

Donations 2022
  • Richard George

  • Marsham Court Hotel

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services

  • Bournemouth Round Table

  • Waitrose, Dorchester

  • Charles & Susie Andrews

  • Philippa Morrison

  • ASM Assembly Systems Weymouth Ltd

  • In memory of Nellie Tarbin

  • Concern with Hearing Dorset

Fundraising 2022
  • BH Coastal Lottery

  • LFB Meats - Collection Box

  • Amazon Smile

  • IMI Critical Engineering, Thompsons Valves Ltd - Easter Raffle

  • Louise Trew & Harbour Hill Crescent Street Party

  • DDCS - Collection Box

  • 22nd Bournemouth Brownies - Beetle Drive

  • Poole Bay Holdings - Halloween Fancy Dress

Donations 2021
  • Charlie Sorbie

  • Richard George 

  • Martin Bray 

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services 

  • Charities Trust – For Good Causes 

  • Neil McMullen 

  • Liam Childs 

  • In memory of Rhona Kingsbury 

  • Rejuvo JPCS 

  • Nick Gee 

  • Hand in Hand Lodge of Oddfellows 

  • Sainsbury’s, Poole 

  • Greg Paige

  • Che & Julia Tsang

  • Mrs J.M. Hawker

  • Bournemouth Society for the Deaf

  • The Entertainer - Poole 

  • Darren Slade

Fundraising 2021

  • Amazon Smile

  • BH Coastal Lottery

  • LFB Meats - Collection Box

  • DDCS - Collection Box

  • 50th Anniversary Fun Day Raffle

  • Gray Family - Bournemouth Fun Run

  • Christmas Party Raffle

Donations 2020

  • Val Dunford

  • Mrs Black Bequest

  • Ben Drewett

  • Martin Bray

  • Richard George

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services

  • In Memory of Maureen Deeney

  • Charles & Susie Andrews

  • Mrs R Guppy

  • Portland Lodge

  • Gerry & Michelle Ives

Fundraising 2020
  • Soap Department, Lush – Raffle

  • Smile Amazon

  • BH Coastal Lottery

Donations 2019

  • Martin Bray

  • Southern Gas Neworks

  • In memory of Mr Gilbert Cross

  • Charles & Susie Andrews

  • Mrs Sarah Martin

  • Order of Womens Freemasons – Lodge Sirius No.31

  • Kelly Hennessey

  • Strategic Solutions Financial Services

  • The Nash Family

  • Claire & Bill Hombersley

  • Richard George

Fundraising 2019
  • DDCS Family and Friends

  • Bournemouth Marathon Event

  • Smile Amazon

  • David Sampson – London Marathon

  • BH Coastal Lottery

  • Dalkeith House Dentist – Collection Box

  • Conor Tobin – Sponsored Football

  • Sale of NDCS Christmas Cards,

  • Barking Cat Ale House Collection Box












Jocelyn runs for DDCS
Jocelyn Tritton has recently run in the Milton Keynes Marathon and has raised an incredible £2885 for DDCS

My mum, Jane, had a horse-riding accident at age 10 which badly impacted her hearing. Until recently she relied entirely on the 30% hearing remaining in her left ear, which often created frustration in the family, as through no fault of her own she would mishear words or not hear them at all. That’s why we were so delighted when we discovered British Sign Language! All of a sudden communication was vastly improved – every conversation, whether it was asking if the cat had been fed in the morning, or talking about our days at dinnertime, was made much easier. It was such a big benefit and it inspired me to search for ways to help out other families with deaf members.


I found the Dorset DCS online after a few days of searching for small deaf charities benefitting local causes and doing tangible work so I could physically see where the money was going. Dorset DCS is a small, local, all-volunteer charity and has provided BSL grants and held fun-packed events for deaf children and their families ranging from Adventure Activity weekends to Christmas parties so it was a natural choice. The great stories on the website confirmed my decision.

Jocelyn with his mum Jane
Jocelyn all set for the marthon

As well as running the marathon I put forward an application for a grant for Dorset DCS to the company I work for, Axis Europe.

I knew that I wanted the Axis Foundation to sponsor the charity, so that was another reason for it to be small, local and without salaried officers. They have approved a grant to Dorset DCS of £3274.50 to purchase 150 Paediatric Hearing Aid Care Kits! These kits have been provided by Dorset DCS for many years and are given to children with permanent hearing loss by Audiology when they are diagnosed.

Running a marathon, though very tough, I decided was the best way to fundraise large sums and as a fit and healthy then-20 year old I started my training and signed up for the Milton Keynes marathon being held on 1st May 2023.

Thank you Jocelyn for all the dedication and effort you have put in to raise this amazing amount for DDCS!


The Dorset Deaf Children’s Society has been an amazing source of support and fun for Alex and his family. So to say thank you Alex wanted to fundraise for the charity by running 1km in the Bournemouth Marathon Festival in October 2021. He managed to persuade his big sister to do the 1.5km and his Mummy and Godmother to run the 5km.

In 2019 Alex and his sister raised £361 by running the 1km, but this time they wanted to raise even more. With a lot of support from their family, friends and school community they managed to raise an amazing £1,150.56p! 


Bournemouth Marathon Event


On the Saturday 5th of October, six of our hearing impaired young members and six siblings/friends bravely joined in with hundreds of other runners taking part in the Bournemouth marathon event. Our youngsters showed great courage and determination as they ran along the beachfront and pier towards Bournemouth Gardens. Cheered on by hundreds of supporters, family and friends they each overcame nerves and fear to cross the finish line and collect their medals. We are immensely proud of their achievements and for the awareness and funds they have raised for our Charity. 


Well done to Phoebe, Alex, Jacob and Emilia who ran in the 1km race.

Ava, Evie, Poppy, Sid and Olivia who ran in the 1.5km race. Isla and

Arthur who ran the 2km and Felix who bravely competed as the

youngest runner in the Junior 5km.

Later that day Martin Rose (dad of Ava and Isla) took part in the 10km along with

two teachers of the Deaf from Dorset HSS plus friend Ruth Kirby who all wore

their DDCS t-shirts with pride. Finally after a long day cheering on the other

runners it was Hannah’s (mum to Ava and Isla) turn to take on the 5km

Supernova night race.

The events continued into Sunday 6th October when Adam Foley, Nicola Foley,

Lisa Forbes, Rob Horton, Jo Mason and Liz Davies all took part in the Half Marathon. It was a chilly, but sunny early start to the morning with runners congregating in Kings Park for an 8am start. The beautiful route took them along the beachfront in Southbourne towards Henghistbury Head then back into Bournemouth where the runners battled the dreaded steep hill at Boscombe gardens. Thankfully our lovely supporters were handing out Jelly Babies to give the runners a sugar boost to make it up the hill!!! The runners then had to endure substantial winds as they battled with fatigue and pain to reach the finish line just beyond Bournemouth Pier. All runners finished in great time with many beating previous PBs.

This event how proven to be very popular with our families, it has provided wonderful awareness for our charity and all our runners wore their DDCS t-shirts with pride. We would like to express our thanks all those who took part and especially to those family and friends who supported and sponsored us, we raised over £2,000 in total!!!


On 14th October 2018 six amazing DDCS supporters woke up in London at 6:30 am to promises of cold weather and downpours from their phone weather apps, sighed out loud but still jumped out of bed, pulled on the lycra and trainers and headed off to the start line of the Royal Parks Half Marathon. There our team of Lisa & Jodie Forbes, Adam & Nicola Foley, Kelly Hennessy and Nicky Findley joined the other 16,000 entrants (all of whom seemed to be queueing for the loos!) as we nervously tried to work out where we were supposed to go. Just before we made our way to the start the heavens opened (for the first of many times during day) and we all got a proper soaking! At this point I was wondering to myself how much trouble I might be in for cajoling them all into this and from all the hours of training I had seen them all putting in,  I knew I wouldn’t be able to outrun any of them if they turned into a baying mob armed with pitchforks and torches and came after me. But, I was glad to see, the Team remained in great spirits. “Think about how much money you are raising for the kids” was my repetitive mantra every time I sensed one of them gritting their teeth as more rain ran down their backs…

Royal park 1.jpg

But, in spite of the rain and an injury to Jodie’s foot on a discarded cup at a drinks station, everyone did magnificently. I watched as a proud Chairman, friend, husband and father on my tracker app. The course was magnificent, taking in four of London’s eight Royal Parks, Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens,10 Downing Street, passing Buckingham Palace to wave at the Queen, thundering through Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square and many other famous landmarks. The whole way round the route was filled with tens of thousands of supporters cheering everyone on, steel bands, cheerleaders and DJs were blasting out motivational music and terrific tunes, the atmosphere was incredible, in spite of the conditions. 

Post run and after warm showers, I asked some of our team for their thoughts on the day, this is what they had to say.


 “Perhaps it was the weather (it was a wee bit wet!) but the camaraderie between the runners was particularly outstanding.  Everyone was keen to encourage one another in a way I’ve not noticed at other events, and the support from the crowds along the route was exceptional too - you could have been forgiven for thinking you were taking part in the London marathon!”


“On another level, there’s something about running for a worthy cause with thousands of like-minded people that brings out the best in us - and Madeline is such a little star, it’s not hard to be inspired to get up early on a dark Sunday morning and run 13.1 miles in the rain!”


“Loved every single minute- the support was phenomenal all around the course and imagining the vast sums of money being raised by so many for such worthy causes was very humbling. A wonderful experience”

Royal park 2.jpg

“I’ve wanted to run this half marathon for a few years now and the day was beyond any expectations.  Thousands of runners who has committed to the training and fund raising come together to raise money for charities close to their hearts.  I ran for a while next to a man named Ed who was raising money for a Parkinson’s disease Charity.  Ed has Parkinson’s himself and shuffled a little but he was strong and determined 10 miles in.  I don’t know Ed but I was inspired by him for making this huge effort, which must have been 100 times more than any of our efforts. What a great man.  This is my biggest memory of the day and I know will stay with me. …. We’ve all got the running bug now and it won’t be too long before we are all running again together. “


I would like to thank all the runners and their supporters again for attending and raising so much money for our charity, as at the last count the figure was at just over £3000 including gift aid and that money will benefit so many children and their families. 

If anyone else has any ideas for fundraising, please let us know, every bit helps!

Royal park 3.jpg

Raising money while losing pounds

Cambridge diet fundraising photo.jpg

Nicki Edwards, Natasha Barnes with baby Ebony and her brother Jacob, and biggest loser Louise Pender present the cheque to Dorset Deaf Children’s Society Chairman Kevin Forbes.

Cambridge diet logo.jpg

Customers of Nicki Edwards, The Cambridge Lady, who embarked on the Cambridge Weight Plan 60 Day Challenge raised £730 for The Dorset Deaf Children’s Society while collectively losing over 22 stone in weight.

“I am immensely proud of all my customers who took part in the challenge and did so well, raising this much money for such a good cause” said Nicki. “Everyone is a winner; my clients who have lost so much weight and feel so much better about themselves, and all the children that are helped by the Society”.


Nicki, along with Louise Pender, who was the biggest loser, and Natasha Barnes whose own baby daughter Ebony has profound hearing loss, presented the cheque to chairman Kevin Forbes. “I congratulate all Nicki’s customers and thank them for the wonderful donation. Every penny will go directly to help deaf children of all ages across the county” said Kevin. “The Dorset Deaf Children’s Society is run solely by volunteers and provides invaluable advice and information for parents and carers of hearing impaired children. We will use this money to help organise events and outings for affected families so they can meet and share ideas with others like themselves.

Around 30 of Nicki’s clients took part in the challenge and donated to the charity. The competition was closely fought but Louise came out on top having lost over 17% of her starting weight – that’s 26.5 pounds over the 60 days. Nicki is keen to point out that everyone’s weight loss journey is unique to them however.

Many thanks to Zena Brown and the Rebekah Fund who chose Dorset DCS as their charity to raise funds for during 2017.

They organised car boot sales, raffles, tombolas, line dance events, evening cruise around Poole Harbour, a 5k run and have raised £1553.57!

Cathy Jones, Trustee and her daughter Poppy were presented with the cheque on Sunday 3rd June.


Dorset Deaf Children’s Society was very lucky to be chosen by Waitrose as their Community Matters Charity in multiple shops. This meant during September 2016 we were in every Waitrose in Dorset. Our Chairman, Kevin Forbes, and Vice Chairperson and Treasurer, Shirley Sorbie, went along to Waitrose in Wimborne and were made welcome by Steve Lee form Waitrose, Sherborne and staff from the Wimborne branch who presented them with a cheque for £3632!!  It was particularly apt that one of the staff members presenting the cheque was Meggie Voce, who has a cochlear implant and her family were members of Dorset Deaf Children’s Society when she was younger.  

Waitrose in Parkstone had already supported us in June 2016 when we received £296 thus giving us a total of £3928 from Waitrose Community Matters charity fund.

This is an amazing amount of money for us and we are very grateful to Waitrose and to all their customers for voting for us with their tokens!


Strategic Solutions are an award winning firm of independent chartered financial planners, based in Dorset but with advisers across the south for example Devon, Hampshire and Somerset.

Founded by the four partners in 2010, they wanted to build a different culture to what people thought about financial services firms. Part of this of course was to be the leading specialists in pensions, savings, mortgages, inheritance tax work and family protection pans. A bigger part though was the ‘Corporate Chartered’ status which involves extra qualifications and extra ethical requirements. Over the years they have developed this ethical requirement way beyond the required standards - culminating in the launch of their Community Foundation.

This voluntary scheme allows the Strategic team to donate part of their income to a ‘fund’ which the firm then matches. This fund is then used to help local communities.


Along with the continued support for DDCS, the fund is also used to sponsor a financial programme at Safewise, providing safety jackets for the Community Angels project and also a recent tour where a world record breaking memory man toured 5 local schools and delivered one hour long memory technique and motivational sessions to over 6000 children.

The money from the fund goes directly to local communities, both large and small. Strategic Solutions are very proud of their connection and support of DDCS over the years. Strategic Solutions have been supporting DDCS since 2012 giving regular bi-monthly donations which now total up to £7870.00! This is an amazing amount of funds for us and enables us to provide events, grants, equipment and support to all the children and their families. It is not only the donations, they also post our newsletters free of charge. This saves the charity a considerable amount of money and they have also helped with printing and many other ways to promote us. They came along to our event at Paultons Park in April this year and presented us with a cheque (see picture) and we were featured in the Bournemouth Echo!


On Monday 5th September 2016 Ferndown Golf Club held a Charity Golf Day. This event raised a staggering amount for The Peter Alliss Wheelchair Charity and Ferndown Captain’s chosen charities. Robin Pomeroy, the men’s captain nominated Dorset Deaf Children’s Society as one of his charities and through the generous support of golfers and Ferndown Golf Club we received an amazing £3,600!

The presentations to the charities were made by Harry Redknapp at Ferndown Golf Club’s annual presentation which was held on Friday 3rd March 2017. Kevin Forbes, our Chairman accepted the cheques on behalf of all the children and their families who will benefit from this fantastic gesture and he said a few words of thanks to all in attendance, which we hope went some way towards saying how grateful we all are for this incredible show of generosity.  He said it was lovely afternoon and everyone was so friendly and interested in the great work we do as a local charity.




The Dorset Plane Pull is by far one of the county’s most unique charity fundraising event.  This year Dorset DCS entered a team and took part in what was a great day of fun and also raised a fantastic amount of money! The teams consist of 20 willing and able, but not necessarily super strong, people to pull a 35,000Kg Boeing 737 a distance of 50 meters, ideally in the fastest time.  The event takes place at Bournemouth Airport and as well as the plane pulling there was live entertainment, food and drink, stalls and exhibits on site throughout the day. This year was different to other years in that the weather was so bad on the scheduled day, Monday 25th August 2014, the event had to be postponed. The bank holiday saw constant torrential rain all day so it would not have been safe to hold the event then. This caused a mountain of work for the organisers (who are all volunteers) and also for the charity team managers as many team members could not make the new date.  But on Saturday 13th September the event took place and all the teams turned up for a fun day!

In amongst all the banter and jokes there was a bit of nerves whilst watching the other teams but after the safety talk our team walked out onto the airport apron determined to get the plane moving!  They did not disappoint and did it in a very respectable time of 50.28 Seconds. It does not sound very long to be pulling but by the end there were some very wobbly legs and arms! Our team ended up seventh out of fifteen teams which was not bad for a first time pull. 

​Many thanks to the team who were:

  • Martin Ring – Chairman and father to Stuart

  • Stuart Ring – Hearing Impaired youth member

  • Charlie Sorbie – Hearing Impaired and father to Tom and Jamie

  • Tom Sorbie – Hearing Impaired youth member

  • Jamie Sorbie – Hearing Impaired youth member

  • Jack Woodrow – Hearing Impaired youth member

  • Martin Bray – Father to Owen

  • Nick Neville – Father to Kallum

  • Nat Moore – Cousin to Harry Copson

  • Lee Curtis – Father to Angel

  • Amanda Tuck – Mother to Jordan 

  • Michael Calverley – Father to Olivia and Jacob

  • Sarah Charles – Mother to Lewis and Joe

  • James Oakley – Uncle to Owen

  • Alex Lester – Supporter

  • Shane Culwick – Supporter 

  • Sharon Broome – Supporter

  • Chris Drewett – Father to Ethan

  • Sam Stone – Uncle to Owen

  • Lloyd Leonard – Hearing Impaired youth member

A big thank you to all who have sponsored the team and enabled them to raise so much money. To the businesses and individuals who have been so generous it is much appreciated! 

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