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Running for NDCS
by Michael Calverley

Michael Calverley recently ran the London Marathon to raise funds for NDCS. This is his story and the reasons why he decided to take up the challenge.

My daughter Olivia was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in both ears at four weeks old on 22 August 2011. I remember the day vividly because the news came as such a shock. My wife Lucy and I had no previous experience of hearing loss and we just didn’t expect this diagnosis. The first few weeks after finding out were the worst of my life. I cried a lot and felt sorry for her – I now know I needn't have. 

We got in touch with NDCS shortly after and they very kindly organised for Lucy, Olivia and me to go on a weekend for families who had just been given a diagnosis like we had. It was a fantastic weekend. We got to speak to other families who were facing similar challenges and this really helped us start to process and accept everything. 


I started to understand the future and what it meant for Olivia. I realised that she was just the same as any other normal little girl who loves putting everything in her mouth, throwing toys around and waking us up in the early hours. 

Because of how much NDCS helped us, I decided to run in the 2012 London Marathon in aid of the charity. My training plan helped to clear my head and make me feel positive again. And knowing that

my efforts would help another family going through what we went through made me even more determined. So far, I have raised almost £8,000 through sponsorship for NDCS and I feel great knowing that this will help other families like us. 

The future looks very positive for Olivia and I can't thank NDCS enough for the help and support they gave to my family.

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