Dorset Deaf Children's Society has eleven trustees who work as volunteers and give up their spare time to run the charity and organise events.


Find out who our trustees are and put faces to names!

Kevin Forbes


01202 510078

07803 957675


15 Heather Road, Bournemouth, 
BH10 5EE

I am married to Lisa and we have two children Jodie & Madeline and two world famous performing dogs, Hazel & Bramble! Jodie has normal hearing but at the age of six Madeline suddenly became profoundly deaf in one ear and moderately deaf in her other. This was naturally an extremely difficult time for the whole family and would have been much harder without the support from family and friends and of course the DDCS, so I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to repay that support and hopefully help other families. I am a partner in a firm of financial advisers, Strategic Solutions and we have been donating to DDCS for several years now, because it is a fantastic charity and because all the money raised went straight to the benefit of those who needed it. I am absolutely honoured to take on the role as Chairman of the Dorset Deaf Children’s Society.

Shirley Sorbie MBE

Vice Chairperson,

Treasurer and
Membership Secretary 

 01202 571089
07765 304968



9 Oakland Walk,

West Parley, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8PF

I have three children Kelly, Tom and Jamie, both the boys and my husband, Charlie, are hearing impaired. I have been involved with the DDCS since 1992 when Tom was diagnosed at the age of 3 and I joined the trustees as I wanted to give something back for the support and help we had received. I went on to take on the roles of Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Vice Chairperson.

I also represent DDCS and parents as a member of the Children’s Hearing Services Working Group. I am now retired from my work as a PA/Administrator but DDCS is still keeping me very busy! In my spare time I am a bit of a football and cricket fan.

I love being involved with DDCS, meeting parents and the wonderful children, helping where I can and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved. You will quite often see me running around with my clipboard organising the events or with a silly hat on at the Christmas party!


Jessica Legg


 07444 788495

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I am a mum to 1 boy who is 7 years old. I was born profoundly deaf in both ears and wear hearing aids in both ears. I will be having the cochlear implant hopefully early 2021. My son is also deaf in both ears, moderate to severe and wears hearing aids. My son deafness started at the age of 2 which by the time he was 2 1/2, he caught meningitis which we think causes the hearing loss for him. I don't have much luck in life as too busy being a soccer mum to my son who has a massive passion for football. I do have a lovely partner who is accepting who we are and slowly understanding deafness plus his 2 boys. I started coming along to DDCS when James started to feel a bit left out being deaf and didn't understand how I just get on with things. Being part of DDCS has grown James confidence and made him realise he is not alone. He loves coming to events and meeting people like him. I'm also an administrator for the Audiology department at Dorset County Hospital which also benefits me to help others like me and my son. Being part of DDCS, I would love to be able help other families and give something back.

Katie Bray

Child Protection Officer

 07805 863653

I am a qualified Dental Nurse. I am married to Martin and have two gorgeous boys. Alfie and Owen. Owen was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss when he was 5 weeks old. After investigation we were advised his deafness was genetic. This came as a big shock to us both. Shirley at the DDCS was the first person i contacted for support. She was fantastic and made me aware that we were not alone. The support we have all received as a family from the DDCS has made such a difference. Owen wore hearing Aids from 6 weeks old but received no proven benefit from them. Just after his first birthday he received bilateral cochlear implants. I am pleased to report he is making good progress with them and amazes me everyday. I look forward to becoming more involved with the DDCS.

Jo Ridout


I live with my husband, Martin, and two children, Emily and Jack on our family dairy farm near Hooke. Our daughter was born profoundly deaf and communicated using sign language until she had her cochlear implant, when she was 3 years old. I work at Kingston Maurward College as a signing teaching assistant, supporting deaf children on a 1:1 basis in all aspects of their learning. It is a very rewarding job, which makes excellent use of both my signing and teaching qualifications. As a family we have benefited greatly from being members of DDCS and being a committee member gives me the opportunity to give something back.

Krystian Daraszkiewicz


My name is Krystian Daraszkiewicz, I am married to Joanna and we have two children Oliver and Liliana. We are originally a family from Poland but last few years we change our home for Bournemouth. 

I am a chef with years of experience in Poland and now work in the UK. I love baking and desserts.

Our children were born in England. Liliana is our second child and she was born profoundly deaf and now she has bilateral cochlear implants. In the first days after Lili was diagnosed we met Shirley from DDCS. These were difficult times for us without family and support here and Shirley and DDCS were very helpful.

At events organized by the DDCS we had the opportunity to talk with other parents who understand our problems. Joining up with the DDCS for me was something natural and obvious. I joined the committee in 2013 and hope now is the time I can somehow help other families.

Judith Morris


I live in Poole and I have two children, Megan and Harry, who are both hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. Their father is profoundly deaf as a result of Meningitis when he was 9 months old and he communicates with sign language and I am also hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. My family including my Mum, two Sisters, Nana and Aunty are also hearing impaired.  We joined Dorset Deaf Children’s Society when Megan was a baby in 2005 and I decided to become a Trustee so I can help and support other families. I would like to thank Shirley and DDCS members for all your support over the years and for really understanding what we were going through and I have made a lot of great friends!

Sade Joyce


I have always been a keen volunteer, volunteering at a primary school for a period of 7 years. I then studied to become a Teaching Assistant which lead me to the job I am in at present, working in a primary school as an SEN 1:1 along side a pupil on the autistic spectrum. Here I also help to run a cookery club as an extra curricular activity. I decided my next step would be to learn BSL as it was something I always wanted to do, I'm currently studying level 2. I plan to train up to level 6 and develop a career in this field working along side children. My interests include playing the clarinet, running, kayaking and baking. I see myself as a determined and kind hearted person who wants to commit to a new challenge, to help others and gain experience. I very much look forward to getting involved.

Pat Saunders.jpg

Pat Saunders


My name is Pat and I live in Poole and I am Mum to two grown up children, Carly and Leigh and Nana to Isabella and Elizabeth. I have just retired after working for the Hearing Support Service for the last twenty six years as a specialist teaching assistant. I am a B.S.L Level 2 signer and supported children from primary age up to the Senior Schools. My interests are swimming, gardening, reading and my favourite is playing with my grandchildren. I decided to become a Trustee for the Dorset Deaf Children Society so I could continue helping and supporting children and their families.

Sandra Macrow Trustee Pic.JPG

Sandra MacKrow


Hello, I`m Sandra and my partner is Paul aka Sid James. I`m mum to six, granny to four and I have two brown hens. My son was diagnosed in 2013 with sensorineural bi lateral hearing loss 2 days before his 8th birthday.
We picked up a DDCS membership form at Boscombe Audiology and our first social event was to Farmer Palmers. That morning Saul couldn`t find his hearing aids and after a frantic search they were in a deep box of Lego, he has since added to his mahoosive collection.
As a family we have enjoyed many and varied events, but my personal favourites being the Family Fun Day at the Orangery, Wimborne because I pretend that I live there! and PGL residential at Osmington, Weymouth, great for family bonding.
I really wanted to stay involved for when my son was to move on. I offer my crafty, creative and mumsy skills to support such a fantastic provision. I truly consider being a DDCS trustee a privilege.

Vanessa Addison Trustee Pic.JPG

Vanessa Addison


Hello All! I am a profoundly deaf middle aged mum with 2 mischievous teenagers in the house!  I was born deaf and had amazing support from my parents and speech therapist and am immensely grateful to them all for this and thus  to have an opportunity to be involved in a wonderful local charity helping to provide such opportunities to other children is fantastic. I attended the Mary Hare School for the Deaf in Newbury , for a few years, to do my GCSE’s – a fantastic school with a range of support facilities. After a number of years working in London we moved to the coast and haven’t looked back since – even started trying sea swimming – the aim is to go in without the wet-suit! I look forward to meeting you at future DDCS events.