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This year there were a total of nine children nominated.


The winners were announced at our AGM held on Saturday 15th October 2022 at Bournemouth Deaf Club. The awards were presented by Robin Barrett and the two overall age group winners received shields, certificates and cheques for £100 each. TYLER PANTENEY was the winner in the senior category and the winner in the junior category was OLIVIA CALVERLEY. All other nominees received £20 vouchers and certificates.


All the nominees have done exceptionally well to be nominated.

Congratulations to all of them!


Please note that the nominations below are a short summary and only a part of the nomination as the nominations can include confidential and personal information.

The Winner of the 2022 Senior Jenny Barrett Deaf Child Achievement Award is:



Tyler was nominated by Melissa May, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for his developing resilience and his ability to trust others in a hearing world. Tyler has no access to sound or speech and he uses BSL to communicate. Life is hard for him in a hearing world. As a signing child in a spoken world Tyler has to navigate daily periods when he is not included, not understood and times when he does not understand what is going on. He spent his first school years in a mainstream school and whilst he had adult support who could sign he missed out on meaningful communication with his peers as they were hearing. This was incredibly isolating and for him frustrating too.  In the last 3 years he has gained confidence in communicating and expressing himself. He has had duel placement attending both Exeter’s Deaf Academy and a local special school. At the Deaf Academy he is with his peers that sign and is immersed in a signing world. Although his journey to Exeter is tiring, boring and very long he never moans. His journey starts at 6.45 for his commute of 2 ½ hour journey (there and back). He has passenger support assistants who can’t sign or knew very few signs. He must have felt very isolated during this time. In the last year his special school was unable to meet his needs as a Deaf pupil and Tyler had no consistent support from an adult who could sign. He likes routine and pre warning of what is happening as this enables him to process. Over the last year this has not been possible and despite finding this incredibly challenging he has dealt with surprises with a growing reliance. .Growing up Tyler has developed his sign language, worked hard to regulate his emotions and developed meaningful relationships with those who can sign. He loves to make people laugh. Everyday life is a challenge and there is so much he missed due to his deafness but his smile is still there and his sense of humour comes out.

The Winner of the 2022 Junior Jenny Barrett Deaf Child Achievement Award is:



Olivia was nominated by her dad, Michael Calverley. Olivia decided she wanted to audition for the lead role of Oliver Twist for her school play. She worked hard learning and practicing the audition scene. She was up against some of the most determined hearing children in the school. She smashed the audition and landed the main role in the production and they changed the name of the play from Oliver Twist to Olivia Twist. Olivia then had two months to learn 150 lines by heart. After many hours of rehearsing the time came for the performances to the school and to parents, friends and families. She delivered every single line clearly, confidently with acting theatrics that would make the West End proud. Watching her performance and knowing the journey she has been on since birth is very emotional. Olivia deserves the recognition of what she has achieved as it is very special.


In addition to our Senior winner Tyler, also nominated in the Senior category were:


Emily Green was nominated by Michelle Christopher, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for triumphing despite a challenging and stressful year. She has taken numerous GCSE’s and passed them all to a good standard but also gained a level 9 for dance (this is equivalent to A**) She has now transitioned to College. Emily is following her dream to become a professional dancer and despite not wanting to draw attention to herself (unless she is dancing or acting) she has found the courage to speak up in group work. She had performed successfully in three staged dance performances this year not only dancing but acting. She recently auditioned to be one of the dancers for a Christmas Pantomime at a local pavilion and has been offered a part. She choreographed and performed a dance to say thank you to her teachers at the end of the summer term. The dance carried a lot of emotion and speaks from her heart and experiences. She is an inspirational young lady. Despite living with her hearing loss and coping with many emotional challenges she perseveres not only for herself but also to support others.


Edward Hombersley was nominated by Ken Tucker, Education Audiologist Hearing Support Service, for supporting and helping another child with the decision of having cochlear implants. The child’s hearing loss has become severe enough to be eligible for cochlear implants and because of his age he carried some responsibility of making the decision himself. He was undecided and had a lot of questions. Edward had needed to make a similar decision when he was the same age. Edward agreed to meet him to answer his questions and provide any support he could. Edward talked about different aspects of having a cochlear implant and answered all of his questions to the best of his ability. He was absolutely fantastic and made such a difference in helping the child to make a difficult decision.


Ben Law was nominated by Sarah Joiner, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service. In September 2022 Ben started Winton Academy. Unfortunately due to the school being oversubscribed Ben’s first choice of school, Winton Academy was not given. Therefore Ben’s parents lodged an appeal. This time was very unsettling for Ben, however Ben took each day in his stride and was very resilient throughout the appeal process. It is a credit to Ben how much maturity and quiet confidence he held in himself as he awaited the final outcome. He is now delighted to now be attending Winton Academy.

Saul Pearce was nominated by his mum and dad, Sandra Mackrow and Paul Pearce. Saul has finally got his ASD diagnosis. He started at college last year but due to previous school based anxieties he struggled to feel comfortable in an educational environment. He coped better attending one day a week. He would go to St Peters Church and keep the grounds in order. He thrived outdoors and became a valued member of the team using his strength to lug around pallets. Credit was given to him for designing and making a compost heap. This September Saul started back at college but has found the environment still challenging. He is now deciding what he wants for his future.

In addition to our Junior winner Olivia also nominated in the Junior category were: 

Lucia Blackmore was nominated by Dawn Wrench, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service, for her superb adjustment and embracing of her new wireless CROS aid. She has been mature and outstanding in her ability to update teachers, family, advisory teacher and audiology on how the CROS has helped her access sounds and conversations more effectively. She is commended for her resilience and enthusiastically embracing all her new equipment and explaining to the teachers how it can support her in school. She has inspired her friends at school to learn and share BSL signs and also initiated and designed a deaf awareness poster that was displayed at school. Her increasing independence and positive attitude to her learning has enabled great achievement in Year 4 and now an excellent start in Year 5.

Alex Grey was nominated by by his mum, Maria Gray. Alex hasn’t been able to get his ears wet since surgery on his ears in 2017. This year he was finally given the all clear to start swimming with small ear plugs in his ears. He was excited and scared when he started his 1:1 swimming lessons and the first lesson was sensory overload for him and he was aware he shouldn’t get his ears wet. Slowly lesson by lesson he gained more confidence in the water but remained apprehensive about putting his head and ears in water but he has persevered with a lot of encouragement, He has had to go against what he has been told his whole life and even though he was still scared he did it. He is continuing with his lessons and progressing well and he hopes to swim independently before his next operation as then he will be out of the pool for at least 6 months.


Felix May was nominated by Sarah Joiner, Advisory Teacher Hearing Support Service and his mum Charis May. Felix was diagnosed when he was 8 years old in October 2020 during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Before diagnosis he was often described by teachers as ‘not paying attention’ and he struggled with team sports not fully engaging. He lost confidence in swimming lessons often performing the wrong task requested by the teacher. Since diagnosis Felix has adjusted to his diagnosis and interventions with incredibly good grace and maturity. He has been inspirational and displayed positivity towards his hearing impairment despite the challenges he faced. He is a fantastic role model. He set himself the goal of taking the local 11+ test for entry to Grammar school and showed great determination. He has worked extremely hard outside of school committing to extra study whilst at the same time adjusting to his hearing loss. It is a credit to Felix’s determination to do well and aim high and strive to accomplish his goals.

Felix also loves music and is learning the piano and hopes to learn saxophone next year. He is kind and understanding of why people might view his hearing loss in a negative way and says that he is lucky as his brain thinks in a different way; therefore he sees his hearing impairment as a gift. He understands people are different, is tolerant of others needs, is thoughtful and perceptive,


Well done to all everyone who was nominated!

All nominees received a certificate and a £20 voucher.


2022 Senior and Junior nominees and winners

with Robin Barrett and Kevin Forbes

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