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Granby Fun Factory 2012

On the 19th February 2012 we organised a great day out for all our members, at the Granby Fun Factory in Weymouth. We met at 2pm and many stayed until the Granby closed at 6pm.

The Fun Factory is primarily an indoor soft play area for children aged up to 11years old, with a special area set aside for the youngest visitors. This was perfect, as our youngest member on this occasion was only 19months old. Thirty-six of our younger members (HI children and siblings) had fun with the ‘battle cannons’, in the ‘firing zone’, on the ‘high-glide’ and also coming down the 4-lane ‘astro-slide.’ If that wasn’t enough, there was even a small area in which football and basketball could be played!

Twenty-three of the older children, aged between 7years and 15years old, were able to have a go at the Quasar, with several dads joining in with the fun too! After a comprehensive safety talk, the special harnesses were given out and reloading, defending bases and tactics were discussed! (Signed support was given as required). A 15 minute warm-up session for the two groups was followed by several team games, with lashings of squash to keep the troops going! 

Mums, dads, grannys, grandads and carers, were content to chat whilst enjoying the good food and drinks available from the restaurant. It was lovely to see lots of friends, young and old, catching up with each other, relaxing in the large seating area we had booked just for our DDCS members. This also proved an ideal venue for our young teenage members, whom it was great to see mixing with the younger members at this event.

All in all, a really enjoyable day was had by everyone. We look forward to arranging a similar event in the future. 

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