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Teens Water Ski 2014

Eleven of our teenagers met up at Ellingham Lake near Ringwood on Saturday 5th July to try their hand at Waterskiing. They were accompanied by family and friends who were on hand with towels and cameras to record the skiing and splashes. Kitted out in wetsuits they were first shown the basics on dry land before plunging into the lake accompanied by their instructors. A few decided to take the drier option and have a tow round on the inflatable ride on but most were keen to try and get up on those skis and experience the thrill of being towed behind the boat - and all those that tried it, did it! As the pictures show, they all got stood up and flew along on a couple of bits of curved wood across the surface of the lake at about 20 mph.


Well done to all of them - a great achievement, a great laugh and with the BBQ food and drinks a great teenagers social occasion all in one day.

Click on an image below to view in full...

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