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Teens Paintball 2014

The Date- Sunday October 26th, The Time - 12.30pm, The Place - Skirmish Paintball at Bere Regis. Must be time for our half term Teens event then!

We had eleven deaf teens and their friends meet up at Skirmish Paintball, Bere Regis with the aim of shooting each other as many times as possible. Armed to the teeth with a gun and 50 paintballs each per game they split into two teams (Reds and Yellows) and made their way into the woods to do battle.

First game to get them warmed up and confident involved racing to the centre and raising the team flag - without getting shot of course ! after a frantic firefight a win was chalked up for the Yellows on this one.

Second game involved a long bridge fight and was much closer with the Yellows only capturing the Reds flag when the Reds ran out of ammo and people.

A tactical team change was made before games 3 and 4 with both games involving one team defending the fort and the others attacking. Now the Reds came into their own with some great teamplay and tactics and suddenly it was 2 - 2.

The decider was fought in a deep hollow with the Yellows on the high ground and the Reds attacking them from below. A really hard fought game of last man standing saw the Yellows overwhelmed by the might of the Reds and the Reds finished overall winners of the day by 3 games to 2. Well done to the Reds and especially the three girls in the Red Team who stuck together and took on the boys and won.

Will probably be a few tired bodies tonight and a few bruises tomorrow - including on the unarmed photographer who took one in the shoulder from crossfire - but thats paintball! 

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