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Rock Reef

This was DDCS first visit to Rock Reef which is situated at the end of Bournemouth Pier and it did not disappoint! 


On Sunday 20th March our younger members came along to the morning session. We had two groups with a total of 27 children taking part in the Clip’n’Climb and the Highline, with their parents as clippers or watching from the café.  And then in the afternoon 14 teenagers came along for their session of Clip’n’Climb and Highline.


Rock Reef has a stunning series of climbing based activities with 28 separate challenges including commando style jungle vines, the lightening crack, spaghetti junction and the speed wall which proved popular with some of our young people trying to beat the best time and as Madeline and Jody demonstrated - their siblings!

Highline, the indoor aerial obstacle course hanging above the ground was the next challenge, making their way over a series of swinging obstacles and trying not to fall off! If this was not a challenge in itself Izzy decided to try part of it with a blindfold on!

Great venue and great fun for everyone who came along!

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