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Fun at the Beach 2014

On Saturday 24th May we descended on Branksome Dean Chine Beach for a day of fun and games. We had booked exclusive use of their Community Room which sits on its own terrace a short pebbles throw from the golden sandy beach. We had tables and chairs indoors, we had giant outdoor games, we had hot and cold drinks, we had hot dogs, we even had a dry day!


The only thing we didn't really have was a warm sunny day. To be fair we had sunshine and white cloud but we also had a southerly wind that took the warmth away. The day had started wet for most of Dorset and many had rain for most of the day so we were lucky to have it dry and fair for the whole day. It was a good day for the children to play the outdoor games (some of which became indoor games!) and gave the parents time to relax and chat.


Of course a day at the beach wouldn't have been complete without a swim in the sea. Even with the high waves crashing onto the beach it was something that had to be done - albeit very briefly! A run across the sand and straight into the sea, a very quick attempt at swimming against the overpowering waves and a dash for the shore and towels - at least we got some good pics to prove it!

Click on an image below to view in full...

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