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Altitude Teens Event 2013

On Tuesday 19th February 2013 Dorset DCS visited Streetwise Safety Centre.Streetwise is a safety education charity with a life sized, indoor, award winning, ‘village’ of scenarios and scenes from everyday life. On this visit the children were able to see and take part in safety scenarios of the full sized two-storey house, the high street, the park, the beach, the bus, the railway station and even learn to make a 999 call. By making the scenarios as realistic as possible, the exciting and memorable interactive Safety Tours enable children to easily apply the learning in their everyday life.


Every year thousands of children are injured in preventable accidents in the home, on the roads and at play. Streetwise helps to minimise the risk of accidents happening by making children aware of potential dangers in the everyday world around them so this was a great opportunity for the children to take part.


As well as having the opportunity to visit Streetwise the friendly and knowledgeable road show team of the NDCS Listening Bus was available to provide workshops demonstrating the latest equipment available. The bus stocks NDCS publications and provides information on all other NDCS services and activities, plus other essential deafness related resources. All the parents and children that visited on the day were surprised and pleased by the information that was available and went away with lot’s of ideas of how to support their children.

This was another successful event for Dorset DCS and was enjoyed by everyone who took part!

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