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Teens Paintball 2012

Sunday 28th October - an extra hour in bed as the clocks had gone back overnight and we woke to a cloudy morning with some rain forecast - the perfect day for teens paintballing then???

Twenty three deaf teenagers and their friends arrived at Gorcombe Extreme Sports Activity Centre near Blandford. Not put off by the chilly damp morning we got kitted up with camouflage overalls and face masks ( well it is nearly halloween). After a safety briefing we were given paint guns and paintballs, split into two teams and taken into the woods to shoot each other. Some of the teens who had played before assured me it didnt hurt - they lied and ive got the marks to prove it!

The grass was wet, we all got sweaty, soaked and shot and it was brilliant fun. We played seven different games, fired about 300 paintballs each and finished early but exhausted and with lots of grins on faces.

We went home wet,dirty,tired and a bit bruised but would we do it again ?? - Oh Yes!!

The safety team at Gorcombe also commended our teenagers on their good behaviour and for following the safety instructions - well done and thank you to all who took part.

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