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Christmas Party 2012

Once again our Christmas Party proved to be one of the most popular events in the years calendar. Just under 200 people including deaf children, their siblings, parents and grandparents,  attended at St Marks Church Hall in Wallisdown and we just about squeezed them all in. 

The committee and several very nice friends and family members had spent the morning preparing and cooking food for the afternoon buffet and then setting up the hall for the party. We also had assistance from some of our members in the kitchen for the afternoon serving up drinks and washing up. Many thanks to all who helped make a very busy day such a success.

We started the afternoon with a family friendly quiz which had the children looking around the walls of the hall for the answers while the adults could make introductions and chat to other families. After this we unwrapped the fantastic buffet and invited everyone to tuck in to the superb spread of finger food and cakes.

A special guest for the afternoon was Tony Corcoran, recently retired Audiologist for East Dorset who has spent many years looking after and helping many of our deaf children. We were happy to present Tony with a beautiful iced fruit cake baked by Krystian, one of our family dads and a Kindle e reader as a retirement gift bought with donations from our grateful families.

Next up was our entertainer for the day - Ivo the Clown - Grandad to one of our younger families. He kept the children occupied for over an hour with some very clever magic tricks and general slapstick entertainment. Thanks go to M & J construction for their more than generous funding of this.

Next up was the special guest everyone had been waiting for - Father Christmas, who came accompanied with his elves and bearing gifts for all the children. 

Add with the raffle, the Christmas cards we had on sale, photos with Santa, sign support from Lisa and the NDCS information table and it is amazing how we fitted it all in to the time available!

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