Laser Quest 2015

During February half-term 60 children and young people accompanied by their parents/guardians, descended on Bournemouth Laser Quest for an afternoon of fun!  

Laser Quest is in essence a game of tag with a twist! Upon entering the air lock they were equipped with a Laser Quest Pack and Gun that has flashing lights on the front, back, shoulders and on the sides and front of the gun. When they shoot a laser beam is projected towards the target and when they are shot the pack is deactivated for 4 seconds.  Points are awarded every time someone zaps another player, with points deducted every time they are zapped.  At the end of each game the player gets a score card which shows them what they have scored. 

After being split into two groups and choosing their playing names (there were some very interesting names!), they played three games each. Free drinks were available between games and parents were able to relax with a drink and a chat.

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